Wander Lone Fir Cemetery and you will soon discover why it holds such a special place in the hearts of Portlanders. It is a beloved green space and the final resting place of pioneers, city founders and developers, military veterans, firefighters, women’s suffragists, politicians, early Chinese workers, asylum patients, and Eastern Europeans who have recently migrated to Oregon.

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Friends of Lone Fir Cemetery is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to education, preservation, and restoration efforts that support this important outdoor historical and cultural museum.  


Metro Cemeteries is actively seeking current contact information for the purchasers of burial rights at Lone Fir listed:

If your name is listed, or if you are a direct descendant of a listed purchaser, please contact Metro Cemeteries as soon as possible.


Record Owner Approx. Purchase Owner


ABBETT, W. S. 8/23/1927 B:21, L:211, 1N
ABRAHAM, James 4/4/1888 B:25, L:81, 1S
AMACHER/AMACKER, Effie A. No record B:23, L:246, 3S, 2S
AMATO, S. and G. 2/14/1919 B:23, L:248, 2S
ARRIGONI, Elizabeth 3/25/1906 B:27, L:47, 2N
BALDWIN, G. W. 1940 B:35, L:115, 1N
BECK, John A. 10/23/1911 B:9M, L:2, 3N, 3S
BICKEL, Frederick 2/26/1879 B:18, L:2F, 4N, 1S
BRANDT, K. 7/7/1919 B:16, L:230, 1N
CAPEN, Elery/Ellery 9/5/1883 B:21, L:26, 1N
CONNER, Mrs. William 4/1872 B:7, L:50, 1N, 3N
CUMMINGS, William 12/15/1914 B:8, L:11, 1N
DAVIS, Hannah M. and Perry W. 5/22/1880 B:9, L:31, 3N, 3S
DUBOIRE/DuBOIS, Henry 7/9/1896 B:32, L:47, 3S, 2S
DUNNING, F. S. 3/11/1905 B:39, L:42, 1S
FOSTER, W. H. 3/2/1887 B:22, L:15, 3N
GARNOLD, John 9/29/1887 B:9, L:23, 2S
GLEN/N, Robert 8/29/1890 B:26, L:28, 2S
GRENFELL, W. H. 7/26/1876 B:9, L:50, 2S
GRIFFIN, John 5/12/1888 B:9, L:30, 3S
GROSS, J. M. and Mary 1/4/1890 B:22, L:13, 3S, 2S
HAACK, G. F. 1/21/1902 B:37, L:39, 2S, 1S
HAMMOND, T. G. 3/4/1881 B:8M, L:72, 2N
HANNA, F. G. 6/17/1889 B:26, L:9, 1S
HUGHES, Carol E. 8/2/1895 B:34, L:143, 3N
JACKSON, D. H. 5/4/1884 B:20, L:50, 3N
JACOBSON, Carl 10/4/1898 B:32, L:29, 2S
JASKOLA/JASKOLLA, Joseph 2/22/1888 B:22, L:5, 1N
JASKOLA/JASKOLLA, Joseph 2/22/1888 B:22, L:6, 1N
JONES, J. C. 4/29/1900 B:33, L:33, 1N
KOCH, E. 7/3/1915 B:10, L:215, 1N
LABBE, A., B., and John 2/3/1881 B:17, L:4D, 4N, 4S
LAGRANDE, J. 7/1877 B:9, L:80, 3S
LOGAN, J. B. 8/4/1937 B:27, L:34, 1N
LOGAN, J. C. 2/4/1899 B:31, L:27, 2S
MARKSTROM, C. O. 10/30/1913 B:12, L:209, 2S, 1S
McCLURE, Margaret 3/24/1921 B:6, L:84, 1N
McLEAN, F. 4/1872 B:7, L:50, 1N, 3N
McMORROW, Charles H. and Mary 6/11/1938 B:32, L:31, 1N, 2N
MILLER, J. H. 8/29/1890 B:26, L:28, 2S
MONROE, O. V. 12/30/1882 B:16, L:24, 1N
MOORE, W. H. 1/12/1890 B:26, L:15, 3S
MORGAN, Mrs. A. H. 3/6/1897 B:34, L:140, 2N, 3N
MYERS, H. C. 10/19/1914 B:20, L:220, 1S
OSBERG, Louis 11/17/1912 B:12, L:205, 1S
OTTEN, George No record B:21, L:49, 3S, 2S
PALMER, L. C. 8/11/1899 B:22, L:27, 1N
PITTINGER/PITTENGER, Jacob 5/2/1933 B:27, L:50, 2S, 1S
ROBERTSON, Capt. William H. 12/10/1887 B:25, L:78, 1N
ROSS, H. C. and L. O. 10/4/1898 B:32, L:29, 2S
SAVIER, Mary H. 5/4/1876 B:12, L:58, 3N, 3S
SCHULZE/SCHULTZ, Theodore 5/29/1913 B:23, L:236, 2N
SEVERANCE, B. O. 6/24/1882 B:9M, L:22, 1N
SEXTON, Westley 12/5/1883 B:21, L:49, 3S, 2S
SMITH, Reuben 7/7/1896 B:32, L:50, 1N
SODEN, B. F. 1/7/1901 B:32, L:38, 3S, 2S, 1S
STRUBE, Mrs. Louise 3/3/1890 B:22, L:11, 2N
WADHAMS, W. 6/6/1905 B:10, L:17, 1N, 2N, 3N, 3S, 2S
WAGNER, Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo 9/22/1915 B:36, L:68, 2N
WARREN, H. E. 10/19/1914 B:20, L:220, 1S
WILLIAMS, Richard 2/4/1920 B:8, L:54, 3N, 3S, 2S, 1S
WILLIAMS, Richard 6/28/1893 B:8, L:53, 1S
WILSON, C. R. 9/4/1880 B:12, L:75, 3S
WOOD, Carrie A. 6/17/1889 B:26, L:9, 1S
WRAY, John 7/16/1880 B:12, L:42, 1S
YOUNG, Mrs. Frederick G. 12/20/1885 B:20, L:14, 3N