Seeking Relatives

Metro Cemeteries is actively seeking current contact information for the purchasers of burial rights at Lone Fir listed:

If your name is listed, or if you are a direct descendant of a listed purchaser, please contact Metro Cemeteries as soon as possible.

Record Owner Approx. Purchase Owner


ABBETT, W. S. 8/23/1927 B:21, L:211, 1N
ABRAHAM, James 4/4/1888 B:25, L:81, 1S
AMACHER/AMACKER, Effie A. No record B:23, L:246, 3S, 2S
AMATO, S. and G. 2/14/1919 B:23, L:248, 2S
ARRIGONI, Elizabeth 3/25/1906 B:27, L:47, 2N
BALDWIN, G. W. 1940 B:35, L:115, 1N
BECK, John A. 10/23/1911 B:9M, L:2, 3N, 3S
BICKEL, Frederick 2/26/1879 B:18, L:2F, 4N, 1S
BRANDT, K. 7/7/1919 B:16, L:230, 1N
CAPEN, Elery/Ellery 9/5/1883 B:21, L:26, 1N
CONNER, Mrs. William 4/1872 B:7, L:50, 1N, 3N
CUMMINGS, William 12/15/1914 B:8, L:11, 1N
DAVIS, Hannah M. and Perry W. 5/22/1880 B:9, L:31, 3N, 3S
DUBOIRE/DuBOIS, Henry 7/9/1896 B:32, L:47, 3S, 2S
DUNNING, F. S. 3/11/1905 B:39, L:42, 1S
FOSTER, W. H. 3/2/1887 B:22, L:15, 3N
GARNOLD, John 9/29/1887 B:9, L:23, 2S
GLEN/N, Robert 8/29/1890 B:26, L:28, 2S
GRENFELL, W. H. 7/26/1876 B:9, L:50, 2S
GRIFFIN, John 5/12/1888 B:9, L:30, 3S
GROSS, J. M. and Mary 1/4/1890 B:22, L:13, 3S, 2S
HAACK, G. F. 1/21/1902 B:37, L:39, 2S, 1S
HAMMOND, T. G. 3/4/1881 B:8M, L:72, 2N
HANNA, F. G. 6/17/1889 B:26, L:9, 1S
HUGHES, Carol E. 8/2/1895 B:34, L:143, 3N
JACKSON, D. H. 5/4/1884 B:20, L:50, 3N
JACOBSON, Carl 10/4/1898 B:32, L:29, 2S
JASKOLA/JASKOLLA, Joseph 2/22/1888 B:22, L:5, 1N
JASKOLA/JASKOLLA, Joseph 2/22/1888 B:22, L:6, 1N
JONES, J. C. 4/29/1900 B:33, L:33, 1N
KOCH, E. 7/3/1915 B:10, L:215, 1N
LABBE, A., B., and John 2/3/1881 B:17, L:4D, 4N, 4S
LAGRANDE, J. 7/1877 B:9, L:80, 3S
LOGAN, J. B. 8/4/1937 B:27, L:34, 1N
LOGAN, J. C. 2/4/1899 B:31, L:27, 2S
MARKSTROM, C. O. 10/30/1913 B:12, L:209, 2S, 1S
McCLURE, Margaret 3/24/1921 B:6, L:84, 1N
McLEAN, F. 4/1872 B:7, L:50, 1N, 3N
McMORROW, Charles H. and Mary 6/11/1938 B:32, L:31, 1N, 2N
MILLER, J. H. 8/29/1890 B:26, L:28, 2S
MONROE, O. V. 12/30/1882 B:16, L:24, 1N
MOORE, W. H. 1/12/1890 B:26, L:15, 3S
MORGAN, Mrs. A. H. 3/6/1897 B:34, L:140, 2N, 3N
MYERS, H. C. 10/19/1914 B:20, L:220, 1S
OSBERG, Louis 11/17/1912 B:12, L:205, 1S
OTTEN, George No record B:21, L:49, 3S, 2S
PALMER, L. C. 8/11/1899 B:22, L:27, 1N
PITTINGER/PITTENGER, Jacob 5/2/1933 B:27, L:50, 2S, 1S
ROBERTSON, Capt. William H. 12/10/1887 B:25, L:78, 1N
ROSS, H. C. and L. O. 10/4/1898 B:32, L:29, 2S
SAVIER, Mary H. 5/4/1876 B:12, L:58, 3N, 3S
SCHULZE/SCHULTZ, Theodore 5/29/1913 B:23, L:236, 2N
SEVERANCE, B. O. 6/24/1882 B:9M, L:22, 1N
SEXTON, Westley 12/5/1883 B:21, L:49, 3S, 2S
SMITH, Reuben 7/7/1896 B:32, L:50, 1N
SODEN, B. F. 1/7/1901 B:32, L:38, 3S, 2S, 1S
STRUBE, Mrs. Louise 3/3/1890 B:22, L:11, 2N
WADHAMS, W. 6/6/1905 B:10, L:17, 1N, 2N, 3N, 3S, 2S
WAGNER, Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo 9/22/1915 B:36, L:68, 2N
WARREN, H. E. 10/19/1914 B:20, L:220, 1S
WILLIAMS, Richard 2/4/1920 B:8, L:54, 3N, 3S, 2S, 1S
WILLIAMS, Richard 6/28/1893 B:8, L:53, 1S
WILSON, C. R. 9/4/1880 B:12, L:75, 3S
WOOD, Carrie A. 6/17/1889 B:26, L:9, 1S
WRAY, John 7/16/1880 B:12, L:42, 1S
YOUNG, Mrs. Frederick G. 12/20/1885 B:20, L:14, 3N