Notorious Residents

Archie Brown and James Johnson = They were hanged for murder and buried together. Block 9/Lot 36/3S

James Chichester = Former asylum patient. Block W/Lot 48/2N

Crawford Dobbins = He died in the “Gazelle” ship explosion and was buried on his friend Barrell’s land. It was dedicated as Mt. Crawford Cemetery but later renamed Lone Fir Cemetery. Block 1/Lot 1/2S

James Turk = A famous Shanghai captain who shanghaied his own son. Block 13/Lot 12/3N

Earl Riley = He was a colorful mayor with many corruption and scandals. His father built the original Canyon Road. Block 8/Lot 47/2S

Alice Oberle = She was a famous “Fancy Lady” prostitute with 6,000 lovers, and her sister Flora was her madam. Alice died in 1884 of cirrhosis of the liver and her customers purchased the Celtic cross with a cenotaph and inscription. Flora died in 1889. When their sister, Marie Sauvie, died in 1911, her family had their disreputable aunts moved to Mt. Calvary Cemetery and had the cenotaph and inscription removed. Block 13/Lot 17/3N Celtic Crossmccleay

Sarah Ann McClincy = She was an Asylum patient originally buried in Block 14 and later moved. Block 11/Lot 23/1S

Emma Merlotin = She was a well-known prostitute who was murdered just before Christmas. Her eyes were removed for forensics to see if they held the image of her killer. Block 20/Lot 18/2S

Michael Mitchell = He was a great jig dancer who became drunk one night and froze to death. His headstone has, “Here lies one who has taken steps That won the applause of man, But grim death came and took a step Which he could not withstand.” Block West/Lot 64/1N

Charity Lamb = She was the first woman sentenced to the state penitentiary after killing her abusive husband with an axe. She was transferred to the Insane Asylum and lived fifty years there. Burial site unknown

Adelia Cutting Elliott = She suffered from depression because of many family deaths, including the Elliott wagon train disaster of 1855. She was hospitalized in Dr. Hawthorne’s Asylum twice and released twice. Block 6 Lot 52 Grave 1N.

Capt. Richard Hoyt = He worked in the gold rush and built a river trade, spending the rest of his life in Oregon waters. Block 3/Lot 11/3N