Notable Residents – Politicians and Public Servants

Dr. James Chapman = Portland Mayor for three terms. Block 7M/Lot 7/3S

Col. William Chapman = Early Land Donation Claim owner in downtown Portland and politician. Block 7M/Lot 7/1S

Steven Coffin = He was the first fire warden and builder of the first school and first plank road to Tualatin. Block 1/Lot 46/3Simg_0692

George Edward Cole = He was a Portland postmaster. Block 6/Lot 61/2S

George Law Curry = Governor Oregon Territory. Block 6/Lot 75/2N

WW Thayer = Lawyer, governor, Supreme Court justice. Block 22/Lot 47/3S

Socrates Tryon = He was a Portland Mayor. Tryon Creek Park is named for him. Block 10m/Lot 11/1N

Officer Charles Schoppe = He was the first police officer killed in the line of duty. Block 10/Lot 53/1S

Julius Caesar Moreland = He was a Multnomah County judge and real estate developer. Block 7M/Lot 29/3S

Harvey K. Hine = He was a Methodist minister, educator, territorial legislator, editor, and author. Block 20/Lot 15/3S

Shubrick Norris = He held many positions in city government and was a businessman who fought against Thomas Dryer, The Oregonian newspaper editor. Burial plot unknown

Harry Lane = He is the great-grandson of General Joseph Lane. He was a beloved Portland mayor and founder of the Rose Festival, and a U. S. senator who voted against the country entering World War I. Block 9/Lot 51/1

General Joseph Lane = He was Oregon’s first senator. Cenotaph Block 21/Lot 14/1S

Asa Lovejoy = He was the co-founder of Portland who lost a coin toss to name the city (wanting it to be Boston, Oregon). He founded the first telegraph company, the Oregon City Woolen Mills, and the first Masonic Lodge in Portland. Block 8M/Lot 50/2N

lone-fir-sunnyDaniel Lownsdale = He was one of the “Portland Trio” who was instrumental in developing Portland. He had the only tannery in the Oregon Territory where Providence Park now stands. Block 1/Lot 24/1S

Andrew Dufur = He was the Commissioner from Oregon to the Philadelphia Centennial Expo in 1876. His family owned land in Eastern Oregon and the town of Dufur was named after them. Block 7M/Lot 32/1N

George Himes = He was a historian, founder, and long-time curator of the Oregon Historical Society. He wrote the Oregon history for Lewis and Clark Exhibition guidebook. Block 39/Lot 40/3S

Frederick Von Voorhies Holman = He was an attorney and involved in the Portland Rose Society, Rose Festival, and the Oregon Historical Society. He was the first to call Portland the “City of Roses.” Block 71/Lot 27/3S

Hardy Myers = Speaker of Oregon House of Representatives, Oregon Attorney General Block 34 Lot 272 G3N