Notable Residents – Business Leaders

William Beck = He was a pioneer gun merchant and advocated for the first bridge on the Willamette River (Morrison). Block 1/Lot 47/Grave 3S

img_0868Colburn Barrell = He was descended from Mayflower pilgrims and Joseph Barrell (who sailed with Captain Gray who discovered the Columbia River). He owned steamship “Gazelle” when its steam engine blew up killing 24 people. He buried two of the victims on his land which became Lone Fir Cemetery. Block 1/Lot 1/2N

Finice Caruthers = He held a Donation Land Claim and his Pioneer Water Works brought clean water to downtown Portland. His mother, Elizabeth Caruthers Thomas, was the first woman in Oregon to hold land in her own name. Portland’s city park in the South Waterfront District is named for her. Block 1/Lot 30/3N

William Cason = Was a charter member of the Bricklayers’ Union and built many of Portland’s unreinforced masonry buildings. Block 7/Lot 17/1S

Frank Dekum = German confectioner who became the builder of Portland’s first large brick building and went on to build most of early Portland. The Dekum Building was built of all-Oregon materials. Block 18/Lot 2H/2N

Thomas Dryer = He was a Whig/Abolitionist who was the first owner-editor of The Oregonian newspaper and the first to climb Mt. Hood. Block 3/Lot 19/1S

Joseph A. Strowbridge = He was a pioneer merchant , founder of the Portland Library Association, an early agitator for bridges in Portland. Block 18/Lot 1F/3S

Simeon Josephi = He built the Port of Portland Commission and was the Dean of University of Oregon Medical College. Block 6/Lot 49/2S

James Bowles (J. B.) Stephens = He was a cooper, building barrels for Hudson Bay Company. When the img_4988trees were logged, he platted his claim into business and home sites. This area became the town of East Portland and he became its first mayor. He owned the ferries that crossed the Willamette River from Portland to East Portland. He was the original Donation Land Claim holder of land presently Lone Fir Cemetery. Block 1/Lot 18/2S

Julius Logus = He was a meat merchant, a member of the Knights of Pythias, and a grand marshal at many parades. All Portland businesses closed for three hours to honor him when he died. Block 2/Lot 20/1N

Eric Ladd = He was a historic preservationist and local actor. See Bosco Milligan Foundation. Block 8M/Lot 246

Donald Macleay = He was a Scottish businessman (banking, wheat, lumber, salmon, shipping) who invested profits in Portland’s growth. His family donated Macleay Park and Bishop’s Close, and the Clan Macleay pipe band is named for him. Block 17/Lot 3/Mausoleum

Fred Dundee = He is the grandson of pioneer Clinton Kelly. He worked in Portland’s first auto repair shop, was a steam mechanic racecar driver on dirt tracks, and was the founder of Portland Auto Union. Burial site unknown