A bit of an update

We sure do miss giving tours and working on cleaning headstones but this year took a turn for all of us with Covid-19. When we resume our tours and events we will let everyone know- we may consider very small tour sizes but that is in the working stages- but more to come on that. So with that said we have not planned nor do we have plans to conduct a Halloween event this year. That is hard for us because we know how much everyone loves those events and this is our 20th anniversary as a group. However it is too precarious and safety is our biggest concern not only for patrons but for our volunteers. It takes months and months of planning, volunteers and more to get any type of special event off the ground successfully. We will continue to work with Metro on mitigating vandalism and supporting Lone Fir in every way that we can. We hope that you continue to love, cherish and support Lone Fir and Friends of Lone Fir Cemetery as much as ever.